This 40" x 30" metal art print will add a powerful focal point of strength and beauty into any space within your home or office.

The painting “SC State House” shows a garden view of the South Carolina Capital Building, located in the heart of downtown Columbia, SC. 

It is one of many pieces that artist Marie Scott has painted in an effort to create a visual snapshot of the Southeast Region. 

My goal in this painting was to simply create another piece which documents the physical beauty which abounds in the state of South Carolina. I loved the symmetry found in the well-manicured gardens, so I created a piece which focused mostly on the lush paradise that is sitting in front of the SC State House.” 

Ironically, at the very time she photographed this scene — a hot debate was going on in regards to the flying of the confederate flag on government property. In light of the contentious political climate at the time, Marie wanted to create a statement of beauty in the midst of so much anger and hatred.

“My hope for this painting, is that it would be a reminder to focus on the GOOD that is around you. Focus on the things that you can control. Do the things that you can do. And let the things that are out of your hands fade back into the distance, so that your energy is not wasted.

Focus your mind on the good that YOU can do; focus your efforts on the good that you can BE.”


These sentiments were the seeds which began Marie’s new life mission to “Remember Goodness.”


For smaller sizes, this print is available as a Canvas Print, Easel Back Desktop Print, or Mounted Paper Print.